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Firstly, hello, and welcome to my blog. I’m glad you managed to stumble upon my page and I hope you enjoy the reviews. My name is Laura and I had the random idea one day that since I read and enjoy so many books, wouldn’t it be fun to share my thoughts on what I read with anyone who may be interested to listen.

When I’m not reading (which admittedly isn’t much) I love running, swimming, cycling and playing the piano. I have a very broad taste when it comes to books, and will read a wide variety of genres from Historical fiction, Biographies, Romance, Crime all the way through to post-apocalyptic zombie thrillers. I really don’t discriminate! A story, regardless of the genre, can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone if written well, and I have learnt in the past that books I have previously pushed aside, thinking ‘oh I know I won’t like that’, when given half the chance, I have thoroughly enjoyed.

I’m not here to push my opinions on anyone, I will write honest reviews, and please don’t be offended if these do not line up with your own – everyone has different tastes and is entitled to their own opinion after all. My goal is merely to share my reading journey with people and if I can inspire even one person to read a book they might not normally consider then I will consider this blog a success.

Happy reading everyone!