‘Lies We Tell Mothers’ by Suzy K Quinn #BookReview @SuzyKQuinn


Author: Suzy K Quinn

Genre: Memoir

Format: Paperback 247 pages

Release Date: 1 August 2019

Publisher: Lake Union Publishing

I obtained a copy of this book through the Amazon Prime first reads promotion. For those that might not know, Amazon Prime members are offered the opportunity to pick one book from a selection to read for free before publication. 


Suzy and Demi were carefree twenty-somethings. They had fun! They didn’t have responsibilities! And then they decided to have a baby. Goodbye lazy weekends, hello sleepless nights, arguments and an addiction to industrial-strength hot chocolate.

In the midst of this major life change, Suzy discovered that most parenting advice should be taken with a pinch of salt—or ten.

For example:

#1 Lie—Just go with your mother’s instinct. But what if your instinct is telling you to hide under the stairs?

#10 Lie—Your new baby will tell you what it needs. Not if it can’t talk it won’t.

#23 Lie—You should never bribe your children. You will ALWAYS bribe your children.

Follow Suzy on the ultimate make-over—from nervous-wreck new mother to happy families. In this hilarious and refreshingly honest account for parents who prefer the realistic to the utopian, Suzy debunks the myths and takes us all along for the (bumpy) ride.

My Thoughts

I was drawn to this book manly because of the title. ‘Lies We Tell Mothers’, well, being pregnant myself and imminently due to become a mother, obviously I was deeply intrigued as what these ‘lies’ were. 

The book is set out in chapters with each chapter dedicated to a lie. The author has a really special way of writing very honestly about situations that a lot of people can relate to. I’m sure anyone who has or has had young children will be able to relate to the situations the author writes about. I also liked the small sections where her husband Demi inserts a thought here and there as to how he remembered those times.

This book was a complete departure from what I usually read (thrillers/horrors) but a really welcome one. I thoroughly enjoyed reading along with Suzy as she described her experiences of pregnancy, childbirth and the early years with her children. 

I sincerely hope that the author writes more books along this line as her family goes through into the next chapter. Maybe a book on children through the school years? The terrible teenage years? It is definitely something I would be interested in reading.

About the Author

Suzy K Quinn is a British fiction author, and writes in three different genres: psychological thriller, comedy and romance.

She was first published by Hachette in 2010 with her debut novel Glass Geishas (now Night Girls), then self-published a romance series, the Ivy Lessons, which became an international bestseller, selling half a million copies and becoming a #1 Kindle romance bestseller in the US and UK.

After her second daughter was born, she self-published the Bad Mother’s Diary series, which also became a #1 Kindle bestseller.

Suzy K Quinn’s novels have been translated into seven languages and her books have sold over three quarters of a million copies worldwide.

Suzy lives in Wivenhoe, Essex, with her husband Demi and two daughters. She would love another baby but her pelvic floor says no.



Twitter: @suzykquinn

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  1. Sounds like a fun book. I agree with those lies in the synopsis. Fab review.

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    1. Thanks Niki. It is a really fun easy read.

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  2. Congratulations on your imminent arrival. Loved your review of this one. I really like the sound of it too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Nicola. Really excited and a tad nervous too but mostly excited.

      Liked by 1 person

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