Sleeper 13 by Rob Sinclair #BookReview @rsinclairauthor @orionbooks

sleeper 13.png

Author: Rob Sinclair

Genre: General Fiction

Format: Paperback 432 pages

Release Date:  28 June 2018

Publisher: Orion Publishing Group

I would like to thank the publisher and the author for the opportunity to read this book via NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.


Smuggled to the Middle East as a child.

Trained as one of the most elite insurgents of his generation.

Forced to do things no one should, for a cause he couldn’t believe in.

But as his brothers were preparing to kill, he was looking for a way out.

Now, on the eve of the deadliest coordinated attacks the world has ever seen, he finally has his chance.

He will break free and hunt down those who made him a monster.

He must draw on all his training to survive.

He is SLEEPER 13.

My Thoughts

I first heard of this series from a blog tour invite from Tracy Fenton for the author’s upcoming book ‘Fugitive 13’. The premise of that book sounded exactly my type of read so when I discovered that the first book in the series ‘Sleeper 13’ was available on NetGalley I headed straight over! 

Aydin is part of a secret group of terrorists who were brought to the Farm and trained from a young age to hate Western society and everything it stands for. Aydin is one of thirteen individuals who all play a key part in an upcoming terrorist plot which is to take place across many countries and cause devastating effects like never seen before. 

Aydin however, is having second thoughts about what he is being asked to do and when he finds out his sister has been killed by the very people he is meant to have the most faith in he decides to go rogue. 

Whilst Aydin is trying to track down ‘number one’ in the organisation, Rachel Cox, an MI5 agent, has had the thirteen in her sights for some time and is starting to close in on the them. The question is, will she make it in time before the deadly attack is due to take place. 

I absolutely loved this book, the action is non-stop all the way through. There’s car chases, hand to hand combat, guns and more fighting. Considering the numerous terrorist attacks that happen around the world this book is very relevant with the kinds of things people are unfortunately quite used to watching on the news. 

I’ve always wondered how much actually goes on that get’s stopped before us general public actually ever hear about it. From that perspective I found it really interesting reading along with Rachel’s character as she has to jump through red tape to get access to the information she needs to track down this terrorist organisation. 

I’m so glad I already know there is a sequel to this book and I’m thrilled that I already have it on my shelf ready and waiting to go as this book is left off perfectly lined up for a second instalment. If you like fast paced action books with a hint of what could possibly be real life thrown in, then this book is one for you. 

About the Author

Rob is the author of the critically acclaimed and bestselling Enemy series and James Ryker series of espionage thrillers as well as the globetrotting thriller hit Sleeper 13. His books have sold over half a million copies to date with many reviewers and readers having likened Rob’s work to authors at the very top of the genre, including Lee Child and Vince Flynn. 

Rob began writing in 2009 following a promise to his wife, an avid reader, that he could pen a ‘can’t put down’ thriller. He worked for nearly 13 years for a global accounting firm after graduating from The University of Nottingham in 2002, specialising in forensic fraud investigations at both national and international levels. Rob now writes full time.

Originally from the North East of England, Rob has lived and worked in a number of fast paced cities, including New York, and is now settled in the West Midlands with his wife and young sons.

Rob’s website is and he can be followed on twitter at @rsinclairauthor and facebook at

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