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Author: Jeffery Deaver

Genre: Thriller

Format: Paperback 512 pages

Release Date:  16 May 2019 

Publisher: HarperCollins

I read this book in ‘staves’ released daily via The Pigeonhole. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.


A student kidnapped from the park.

Nineteen-year-old Sophie disappears one summer afternoon. She wakes up to find herself locked inside a derelict warehouse, surrounded by five objects. If she uses them wisely, she will escape her prison. Otherwise she will die.

An investigator running out of time.

Sophie’s distraught father calls in the one man who can help find his daughter: unique investigator Colter Shaw. Raised in the wilderness by survivalist parents, he is an expert tracker with a forensic mind trained to solve the most challenging cases. But this will be a test even for him.

A killer playing a dangerous game.

Soon a blogger called Henry is abducted – left to die in the dark heart of a remote forest – and the whole case gets turned on its head. Because this killer isn’t following the rules; he’s changing them. One murder at a time…

My Thoughts

I absolutely love Lee Child’s ‘Jack Reacher’ series and this book gave me the same kind of excited anticipation that I would get from reading one of those books. Colter Shaw is very reminiscent of Jack Reacher in many ways. He is a good guy with a bad guy edge but who ultimately will do the right thing even if those lines are blurred are various points along the way.

Shaw is kind of like a bounty hunter in that he searches for missing persons in order to collect the reward on offer. His latest job though delves him into areas he’s not used to and he finds himself trying to figure out a game to which he doesn’t yet know the rules to.

As well as following Shaw as he tries to solve these mysteries, we also delve into Shaw’s rather interestingly unique upbringing and the long unsolved question of who murdered his father. This is a theme which I think will run through the series of books and I for one will definitely be reading along to find out how this progresses.

My understanding is that this is the first book in a series which will feature Colter Shaw and the end of this book leads on nicely into what will be Shaw’s next adventure whilst also leaving some unanswered questions regarding his father and what happened. I have been waiting a long time for a new series to come along that would grab my attention and I am happy to say I think I have found it. If you liked Jack Reacher as a character then I can definitely recommend Colter Shaw.

About the Author

Jeffery Deaver is the Number One bestselling author of over thirty novels, including the 2011 authorised James Bond thriller, CARTE BLANCHE, three collections of short stories and a non-fiction law book. A former journalist, attorney, and folksinger, he has received or been shortlisted for numerous awards around the world, including Novel of the Year from the International Thriller Writers Association for THE BODIES LEFT BEHIND, the Steel Dagger for Best Thriller from the British Crime Writers’ Association, and the British Thumping Good Read Award. He was recently shortlisted for the ITV3 Crime Thriller Award for Best International Author.

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