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poetic justice

Author: R. C. Bridgestock

Genre: Crime Fiction

Format: Paperback 320 pages

Release Date:  28 February 2019

Publisher: The Dome Press

My thanks to Emily Glenister at the Dome Press for the invite on this blog tour and the copy of the book provided for review. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.


When Detective Jack Dylan heads home after a residential course, he has no idea that an extraordinary succession of events is about to turn his life upside down. A vicious, unprovoked attack is just the start. Soon his wife is dead and his step-daughter – dangerously depressed – is being expelled from university for drug use. And at work, two teenagers have gone missing. 

An ordinary man might break under the strain, but Dylan is no ordinary man. He knows that his survival depends on him carrying on regardless, burying himself in his work. 

He is determined to pursue the criminal elements behind the events – both personal and professional – whether his superiors like it or not. And, as his family disintegrates around him, a newcomer to the admin department, Jennifer Jones, seems to offer some sort of salvation. 

Life may have changed, but nothing will stand in the way of Dylan’s quest for justice.

My Thoughts

‘Poetic Justice’ is a prequel to the DI Jack Dylan series, set back in 2003 explaining how it all began. Now I must confess, I haven’t read any other books in this series, but as it’s a prequel, it is completely capable of being read as a standalone. 

The plot starts with an unsuspecting male driving home along the Yorkshire country roads when the car ahead of him all of a sudden starts to swerve and goes over the barriers and crashes. When police and paramedics arrive on the scene the female in the car is pronounced dead but the male is taken away to hospital with life threatening injuries. But who is the man and woman? They have no identification on them and the driver behind reports in his statement to the police that it didn’t appear like an accident at all.

Jack Dylan is one hell of a character. The amount of emotional turmoil this one character goes through in this book is incredible! If you ever think you’re having a bad day just read this book because I bet you Jack Dylan is having a worse time of it. I felt so much empathy for Jack and he’s the kind of character I could really get behind and was just hoping he would get a lucky break at some point. 

I wouldn’t necessarily call this a fast paced police procedural in comparison to some others I have read. But there are quite a few threads of drama running through the characters in this book which keeps the tension up. I found myself more interested in the outcomes of the characters than what would actually happen overall. As this book is the first I have read in this series I think the authors have set a really good base of characters here that I personally would want to read more about. The benefit for me is that there already  is a whole series I can now go and read about them in! 

About the Author

Carol and Bob Bridgestock were both born and lived in West Yorkshire until they relocated to the Isle of Wight in 2003. Between them they have a staggering 47 years employment with the police, Carol being a member of the Civilian support staff and Bob being a Senior Police Officer. As a career detective Bob worked in the CID at every rank. For over half of his service he was a senior detective, retiring at the rank of Detective Superintendent. As a Senior Investigative Officer (SIO) in charge of homicide cases he took command of some twenty-six murder investigations, twenty-three major incidents including shootings and attempted murders and over fifty suspicious deaths and numerous sexual assaults, some of which were extremely high profile in his last three years alone. In 1988 Carol commenced working for the Police as a member of the support staff in the Administration Department. As a supervisor she received a Chief Constable’s commendation for outstanding work for her determination and drive creating a poster competition for an Autumn Fall Crime initiative.

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