Anatomy of a Scandal #BookReview @simonschusterUK


Author: Sarah Vaughan 

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Format: Paperback 400 pages

Release Date:  11 January 2018

Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK

I bought this book after a recommendation from a friend. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.


A high-profile marriage thrust into the spotlight. A wife, determined to keep her family safe, must face a prosecutor who believes justice has been a long time coming. A scandal that will rock Westminster. And the women caught at the heart of it. 

Anatomy of a Scandal centres on a high-profile marriage that begins to unravel when the husband is accused of a terrible crime. Sophie is sure her husband, James, is innocent and desperately hopes to protect her precious family from the lies which might ruin them. Kate is the barrister who will prosecute the case – she is equally certain that James is guilty and determined he will pay for his crimes.

My Thoughts

Kate Woodcroft is an accomplished criminal barrister having reached the upper echelons of Queens Counsel at the Bar. She lives a solitary life with no husband or children waiting for her at home, but this lack of personal life allows her to throw herself whole heartedly into prosecuting and being an advocate for victims of sexual abuse and rape. 

I absolutely loved Kate’s character. Her passion and fire for these cases and her utter hatred for the accused rolls off the pages. The fact that she has her own vulnerabilities as well made her really relatable. 

There are flashbacks to some characters time spent at Oxford University and these sections were really interesting to read. To see a glimpse into a world of privilege and entitlement that very few of us will ever get to experience actually created the backbone to this story. The plot explores how people behave when they think their wealth and up-bringing make them unaccountable for their actions. 

At times the pace was a bit slow but this didn’t mean I enjoyed the story any less. I think this was one of those stories that needed to simmer quietly away through the pages as it’s all about whether justice can be delivered.

I loved this book for the strong female characters and the important message of being able to speak out and know that there will always be someone there to fight your corner. Anyone who likes their action in the court room will enjoy this read. 

About the Author

Anatomy of a Scandal combines Sarah Vaughan’s experiences as a news reporter and political correspondent on the Guardian with her time as a student reading English at Brasenose College, Oxford, in the Nineties. Published in the UK, US, Australia, NZ, Canada and South Africa, it will be translated into 17 languages throughout 2018 and 2019. 

Anatomy of a Scandal is her third novel, her first courtroom drama/psychological thriller and her first book for Simon & Schuster. Married with two children, she lives just outside Cambridge and is currently finishing her fourth novel.

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  1. Fab review! I loved this one too and thought Kate was brilliant!

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    1. Thanks Niki! Isn’t she brilliant. Love a strong female character in books 💪

      Liked by 1 person

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