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Lost Lives Jacket.jpg

Author: Lisa Cutts

Genre: Crime Thriller

Format: Paperback 368 pages

Release Date: 10 January 2019

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Today it is my great pleasure to join the blog tour for Lisa Cutt’s new novel ‘Lost Lives’. My thanks to Becky McCarthy for the advance copy for review and for inviting me to join the tour. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.




When Anna arrives in the UK, she believes it’s the start of a better life for her and her daughter. But what awaits her is more shocking than anything she could have ever imagined . . .




DI Harry Powell is investigating a shooting, but the victim has been scared into silence. As Harry struggles to piece together what little information he has, he stumbles upon an operation that may put countless lives across the country at risk.




As Anna’s situation grows more dangerous by the day, Harry is forced to push his overstretched team to the limits to find answers. But for one of them, will it already be too late?

My Thoughts

Harry is a police officer, working in a team which is understaffed and overworked. With too much to police and not enough staff to adequately cover what needs to be covered, a human trafficking investigation is not given the man power it needs which leads to devastating consequences. 

Human trafficking and modern slavery is much more of a problem in the UK than is widely publicised. I feel this book tackles an issue which needs to be spoken about more so people in the general public are more aware of the signs to look for. It could happen anywhere and too many people turn a blind eye to the living and working conditions that these people are forced to suffer. 

This book speaks quite frankly about the lives of two women who came to the UK under the promise of a better life after paying thousands of pounds to get here only to discover that this promise has all been a lie. 

At times the scenes are distressing to read, to think about the fact that there are actually people out there right now living in these conditions. However, it’s a reality maybe we all should face up to. 

I think the fact that the author is actually a full-time detective constable currently working within the force shows through in the authenticity of how she tells this story. Although I’m sure this is entirely a work of fiction, for all intents and purposes this could be true crime. The author’s writing on this topic is gritty and real and I personally was gripped wanting to know what the outcome would be for these unfortunate women. If you like your police procedurals with honesty and no holding back then this book is for you. 

About the Author

Lisa Cutts is the author of five police procedural novels, based on her twenty-two years of police experience. She works as a detective constable for Kent Police and has spent over ten years in the Serious Crime Directorate dealing mostly with murders and other serious investigations. 

She has been on BBC Radio 4’s Open Book with Mariella Frostrup, part of the First Fictions festival at West Dean College, Chichester, on the inaugural panel at Brighton’s Dark and Stormy festival, on ITV’s This Morning and at the Chiswick Book Festival. Her debut novel Never Forget, won the 2014 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award for best thriller. 

You can visit her website at http://www.lisacutts.co.uk and sign up to her mailing list for news, updates and giveaways.

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