Small Town Nightmare by Anna Willett #BlogTour #BookReview @damppebbles

small town nightmare cover

Author: Anna Willett

Genre: Crime Thriller 

Format: Paperback 225 pages

Release Date: 29 August 2018

Publisher: Independently published

Today it is my great pleasure to join the blog tour for Anna Willett’s book ‘Small Town Nightmare’. My thanks to the author and to Emma Welton at Damppebbles Blog Tours for inviting me to join the tour. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

About the Book

A young drifter is in deep trouble, his sister is his only hope… 

Lucy’s younger brother has gone missing. When she sets out to find him, the trail takes her to Night Town. It’s a rural backwater deep in the forests of south western Australia. 

Lucy tries to enlist the help of the local police, but she is met with hostility. She befriends a man who might help her cause. Yet he is not quite who he says he is. 

As the locals begin to resent her presence in the town, danger quickly mounts. The town has secrets and they seem to centre on the enigmatic Samuel Nightmesser, its wealthy benefactor. 

What connects her missing brother to this grim boondock? And why do the townsfolk want rid of Lucy? 

As the story unfolds we are immersed in a creepy, claustrophobic drama in which everything is at stake.

You can order your copy of ‘Small Town Nightmare’ from Amazon at:  

My Thoughts

Our two main protagonists in this book, Lucy, and Damon, meet fairly early on in the story when Lucy happens to get picked up by Damon and they both find themselves in a somewhat mysterious place called Night Town. 

Lucy is there for a very troubling reason, in that her brother has gone missing and this strange little town is the last place he was seen. Damon has come to Night Town for reasons of his own and you get the sense that he might not be the casual tourist just passing through that he claims to be. 

Although there are a lot of questions around these two, it was really enjoyable to read how their relationship progresses throughout the book. Lucy is pretty bad ass to be quite honest. At every step her attempts to enlist help to find her brother are thwarted yet she doesn’t let this stop her and she perseveres even when things start to get quite dangerous for her. 

As with any good book that fits into the ‘thriller’ category there is a good twist at the end! I won’t say more than that as I don’t want to ruin any surprises but it’s worth reading on for. I really enjoyed this book, it encompasses a well thought out, well written plot with likeable characters and a good ending. 

About the Author

Anna Willett is the author of Backwoods Ripper, Retribution Ridge, Forgotten Crimes, Cruelty’s Daughter and the best-selling thriller, Unwelcome Guests. Her new release, Small Town Nightmare is available on Amazon. Raised in Western Australia Anna developed a love for fiction at an early age and began writing short stories in high school. Drawn to dark tales, Anna relishes writing thrillers with strong female characters. When she’s not writing, Anna enjoys reading, travelling and spending time with her husband, two children and their dogs. 

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