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Night Shift Cover

Author: Robin Triggs

Genre: Crime Thriller

Format: Paperback 240 pages

Release Date:  1 November 2018

Publisher: Flame Tree Press

Firstly I would like to thank Anne Cater for inviting me to join in this Blog Tour and the publisher for the copy of this book they provided me for review. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.


Antarctica. A mining base at the edge of the world. 

Anders Nordvelt, last-minute replacement as head of security, has no time to integrate himself into the crew before an act of sabotage threatens the project. He must untangle a complex web of relationships from his position as prime suspect. 

Then a body is found in the ice. Systems fail as the long night falls. Now Anders must do more than find a murderer: he must find a way to survive. 

Will anyone endure the night shift, or will ice and frozen corpses be all that remains?

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My Thoughts

Anders joins a research base out in the middle of Antartica as head of security with only a handful people living on the base, situated at least 1000 miles away from the nearest civilisation. What could go wrong right? A lot as it turns out!

Just the fact that the setting for this book is so remote already creates tension from the very first page. The way the author describes the isolation of this location coupled with the fact that for 6 months of the year it is plunged into complete darkness as the sun makes its final descent, all adds up for a very chilling atmosphere. 

I didn’t realise before I started the book but it is actually set in the future at some point. Not enough that I would necessarily classify the book as science fiction, but there are subtle references to futuristic technology and the fact that smoking seems to be considered a rich mans luxury. 

The crew on the base are researching ways to create food and mine for coal and other commodities that will hopefully keep the rest of the world fed for some months to come. The base is owned and operated overall by ‘The Company’. We never really learn much about the Company through the book which in itself actually adds to the mysteriousness. 

This is a brilliant twist on the ‘who done it’ concept. Multiple murders and multiple motives and suspects kept me guessing throughout the book and just when I thought I had it figured out something would happen that would completely turn my thinking around. This for me was a very enjoyable read. I think the background involving ‘The Company’ potentially lends itself to more books and I hope to read more from this author in the future. 

About the Author

Rob was raised in Bradford before heading, at eighteen, to the bright libraries of Norfolk. Music was his main interest at this time. He played drums and sang whilst writing copious amounts of lyrics, some of which tipped over into the vaguely-defined realm of poetry. In 2003 he made the top 500 of the Dublin International Poetry Competition.

He studied archaeology in Queen’s University, Belfast before returning to Norfolk and starting to write seriously. He received a boost when he moved to the middlest of middle Englands and joined Abingdon Writers’, a fantastic group that were quick point out all his writing sins. He was Chair for a spell but abdicated as soon as decency allowed.

When not writing he studies the past: archaeology and the historic landscape remain passions. He’s also an exceptionally poor cricketer, turning out for The Bodleian Library’s collection of misfits. He did, however, once bowl Sebastian Faulkes.

At the Bodleian he tells tourists that yes, Harry Potter was filmed here, but no, they can’t go inside. He also works as a proofreader.

A freshly-minted father, he spends his time changing nappies, Tweeting and – when the opportunity presents itself – doing the odd bit of creating. He keeps a blog – – of assorted writerly ramblings. You can also find him on Twitter @RobinTriggs.

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