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Author: Chris Parker

Genre: Crime Thriller

Format: Paperback 360 pages

Release Date:  20 September 2018

Publisher: Urbane Publications

My Rating: ****

I would like to thank the publisher Urbane Publications and Kelly from Love Books Group Tours for the copy of this book they provided me for review and for inviting me to join this blog tour. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.



The time has come for Ethan Hall, serial killer and master hypnotist, to be tried in Crown Court. And the result is far from certain. The unanswered question remains: How do you prevent a destructive master hypnotist from wreaking havoc in a Crown Court trial?

For Marcus Kline, the world’s leading authority on communication and influence, and his wife Anne-Marie Wells, the devastation Ethan Hall has brought into their lives is about to reach terrifying and unimaginable heights. Memories, secrets and fear will threaten to tear them apart and destroy their very lives.

Meanwhile, a new wave of murders is being recorded and shared on social media, inciting ever-more extreme behaviour. Support for the violence grows and the very fabric of society seems threatened. Is Ethan Hall in any way responsible? And, if so, how can he possibly be stopped?

Marcus Kline must face his nemesis in a final battle of wills…does he have the faith to succeed?

Faith is Chris Parker’s thrilling final book in the Marcus Kline trilogy. Can Marcus Kline ultimately triumph over his deadly nemesis?

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My Thoughts

I was initially drawn to this book because I love court room based thrillers. I work within the criminal justice system and i’m always eager to read books on this genre to see if they are factually correct, almost like I imagine a doctor or nurse would watch medical dramas picking out the inconsistencies. 

I am pleased to report that the author must have done his research because the court process and procedures written about are accurate and true to what actually happens inside a court room.  

We are introduced into the book with the opening chapter as a narrative told from the perspective of Ethan Hall, our destructive master hypnotist preparing to sit trial at the Crown Court for various crimes. You feel as if the killer is speaking directly to you and the narrative finishes with the following line ‘Go on. I dare you’. Well, never one to back down from a challenge I thought ‘you’re on – challenge accepted!’ And read on I did. 

There are various characters throughout this book and they all largely get the same amount of page time. First off we have Marcus Kline. Marcus is an expert in the field of communication and hypnotism and from what I could gather from the book had had previous altercations with Ethan Hall. Marcus is called to give live witness evidence during the trial of Ethan not only as a witness to the crimes committed by Ethan, but also as an expert witness. 

Alongside Marcus there is his partner Anne-Marie Wells. Anne-Marie was also a victim of Ethan’s, however, there are parts of her attack she is too ashamed to admit and she spends a large portion of the trial trying to keep these secrets buried. 

These two characters in my opinion worked really well together. I could fully empathise with why Anne-Marie wanted to keep parts of her attack a secret, especially from Marcus, and they really portrayed well how victims of crime can suffer the aftershocks of that crime for months and even years after the event. 

The next character of note is Mike Coopland who plays the QC (Queens Counsel) for the prosecution case. This was probably my favourite character. Having worked with many Barristers I found Mike’s personality entirely fitting for the character he plays. Mike comes across as quite egocentric and arrogant in that he is very sure of himself and entirely convinced that there is no possible way he could loose this trial. Despite these character traits, when the tide turns and the prosecution case is not looking quite so water tight, I still found myself rooting for Mike and hoping that he could pull it out of the bag. 

Last but not least, we have Ethan Hall, the master hypnotist slash murderer, described as ‘worse than the worst form of cancer’. Ethan is pure evil and that emanates across through every chapter he plays a part in. I definitely would not want to be in the same room as this particular individual, not least because he seems to have a way of using his words and mind to get people to do unspeakable things to themselves. 

As I was reading I got the distinct impression that this book is part of a series and I had joined the party halfway through. The book picks up at the beginning of the first day of the trial and there are some references made to the event that bought them all to be there in court but not a lot. This is the last book in the Marcus Kline series and I think I would have benefited from reading the other books in the series before I read this one. 

Apart from this point, I throughly enjoyed this book and appreciated the accurateness in relation to Court procedure, however, I would recommend to readers to read the other books in the series first. 

About the Author

Based in Nottingham, Chris Parker is a specialist in Communication and Influence. A Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Chris is a highly experienced management trainer, business consultant, lecturer and writer. Books include Influence, Belief, Campaign It, Brain Always Wins, Diego Masciaga Way, The City Fox and Debris.

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