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Author: Jacqueline Ward

Genre: Psychological thriller

Format: Paperback 320 pages

Release Date:  5 July 2018 (ebook)

Publisher: Corvus

My Rating: ****

I would like to thank the publisher and the author for the opportunity to read along via The Pigeonhole. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with The Pigeonhole, the concept is you pick a book from the many they have on offer and then you read along with other readers in bite-sized instalments called staves. A stave is uploaded each day and the readers have the opportunity to highlight text and make comments and ask questions to the author. This was my first read using The Pigeonhole and I throughly enjoyed it and I am already signed up for my next read in September. 


An explosive debut thriller about one woman’s search for revenge – and the dangerous chain of events she sets in motion…

Caroline Atkinson is powerless and angry. She has lost more than most – her marriage, her reputation, even her children. Then one day, she receives an unusual delivery: lost luggage belonging to the very man who is responsible, her estranged husband Jack.

In a leather holdall, Caroline unearths a dark secret, one that finally confirms her worst suspicions. Jack has kept a detailed diary of all his affairs; every name, every meeting, every lie is recorded. He even marks the women out of ten.

Caroline decides it’s time to even the score. She will make this man pay, even if it means risking everything…

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My Thoughts

The first phrase that came to mind as I was reading this book is ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!’ Caroline, the lead character in this book, could be the poster woman for this saying. After finding her ex-husbands journal detailing his salacious affairs, including pictures and marks out of ten for each conquest, Caroline embarks on a rather devious revenge plan. 

We read how Caroline, quite literally, spirals out of control. She drinks to excess, online shops to excess, hoards to excess, so it’s no wonder really that when she learns of her ex-husbands escapades, her revenge plan is conducted with what some might deem, excessive tendencies.

It’s rather ironic as Caroline is actually a well respected psychologist with a deep understanding of the human psyche, and we see glimpses of realisation throughout where Caroline recognises that her behaviour is not healthy or ‘normal’, yet she can’t seem to do anything about it. It’s almost as if she has started down this road and she will see her plan through to the end regardless of the potential consequences. 

Some way through the book I did start questioning whether the sympathy I felt for Caroline and her situation was deserved. In my opinion she goes way over the top with some of her revenge schemes and I started to wonder if maybe Jack had the right idea when he left her. However, within a few chapters I discovered yet another appalling secret from Jack’s past which put me firmly back in #teamcaro. 

I thought it was very interesting how the author chose to portray Caroline as a hoarder. This was quite cleverly done as it symbolised Caroline’s obsessive hoarding nature not just with material things, but with her emotions towards Jack. She has stored up so much pent up aggression towards him it was only ever going to be a matter of time before it all came spewing forth. 

This is a great psychological thriller and I would recommend for anyone who likes this genre. 

About the Author

Jacqueline Ward’s debut psychological thriller, Perfect Ten, will be published by Corvus Atlantic Books in September 2018. Jacqueline writes stories about strong women and their lives and loves, exploring the real life emotions of revenge, obsession, rage, trust, guilt and joy. 

She is represented by Judith Murray at Green & Heaton. For more information about Jacqueline and her work go to

Jacqueline is also the author of the DS Jan Pearce crime fiction series Random Acts of Unkindness, Playlist for a Paper Angel and What I Left Behind, and SmartYellowTM, in the pen name of J A Christy.

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